Harrington Tree Nursery sells directly to many private forestry companies and private/government agencies throughout Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. For the past 16 years, Harrington has been a member of the Office des Producteurs de Plants Forestier du Québec (OPPFQ) which negotiates and delivers tree seedlings to the Minister of Forests, Wildlife, and Parks (MFFP).

The nursery has adapted its techniques as well as its growing and shipping facilities to offer a complete line of seedling species in a variety of container sizes. We have a reliable network of seed collectors and suppliers to fill our seed needs according to our customers’ location and seed zone. The ultimate end is to produce hardy and healthy conifers that can readily adapt to the rigors of their original site, be resistant to pests and disease and grow vigorously.



Container seedlings

We grow trees on speculation for private orders, which can be found listed on our price list. Pickup for orders begins the first week of May – it may be earlier or later depending on the season. Please contact us to discuss contracts for different species and/or quantities that may not be on our list. We will be happy to assist you with your project.

Gift trees

Our container stock seedlings make excellent gift seedlings and can be packaged in a variety of ways for weddings, corporate giveaways, fundraisers, special occasions, etc. Please call for availability.


Price List