There are two major methods of containerized seedling production: unheated production in cold frames and production in heated greenhouses. The nursery enjoys the benefits of both and operates from mid-March to mid-November.

Heated Greenhouses

With heated greenhouses it becomes possible to grow two crops of seedlings per year.

  • We have the capacity to grow up to 3 million seedlings per crop.
  • It takes 14 months to grow a “ready to plant” seedling in a greenhouse.
  • Greenhouses are heated with a bi-energy system: two electric furnaces, plus two oil furnaces. The two systems can work separately or simultaneously.
  • In case of power failure, a generator starts automatically to keep the oil burners going, as well as pumps, lights, and other domestic utilities.

Cold Frames

A cold frame is similar to a greenhouse but is not equipped with a heating and automatic ventilation system.

  • We have 37 cold frames and each one holds 70,000 to 300,000 seedlings depending on container size.
  • Dormancy induction and frost hardening are done naturally at the end of the season. The snow insulates the seedlings and protects them from frigid winter temperatures.
  • The cold frame production system takes two years from seeding to planting.

Growing Areas

There are three types on the nursery site.
Holding beds
Located on both sides of each cold frame, crops are moved from the cold frame structure to the bed after their first season.
Holding areas
Portable rails are set up in the spring to accommodate the crops grown in the greenhouses on tables and then removed to place crops on the ground to overwinter.
Provide additional growing space for the crops grown in the greenhouses in March and pushed outside in June to accommodate the next seeding.